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About Us

Opalight Artcrafts & Gems Co., Ltd. is located in Hunghom, Kowloon, Hong Kong. We were established in 1964 and specialized in semi-precious gemstone carvings and globes for the international market. 


Mr. Patrick Wu Managing Director


Opalight Artcrafts & Gems Co. was first registered in 1964 by Patrick Wu’s father.

It was not until the early 70’s did Patrick started its formal operations.

As the name Opalight suggests, Patrick began traveling overseas in the 70’s, many of his trips were to the Opal Mines of Australia, namely Coober Pedy in South Australia. As the demand for Chinese Carvings from Jade and semi precious stone rose during the 80’s, Patrick shifted his efforts towards animal carvings, experimented with stone & coral mosaic and inlays, and started his own little backyard factory in Hunghom, comprising of less than 10 staff members.


In 1989, an inflatable globe in a display window caught the attention of Patrick. In his eyes, Patrick saw a globe embedded with semi-precious stones, a globe that will remain cherished & valuable forever, beautiful for the home, office and suitable for any person. Together with his colleagues, they spent 2 years of research, all of their hard earned savings, countless hours experimenting with the hundreds of different stones, testing their individual textures, stress points, the mosaic effect when bringing them together side by side etc. Patrick’s globe finally came onto the market in 1991. The reaction was instant and much better than expected, the debut at the Hong Kong Jewelry Exhibition caused a stir, with crowds of international exhibitors & buyers gathering around Patrick’s booth.

In order to increase the production output whilst lowering the production costs, the manufacturing process was moved to our mainland factory – Hi Light Trading Co., whilst our head office and marketing team remain based in Hunghom, Hong Kong. Recent renovations, new technology, machinery and constant training have reduced our costs, these has been extended to our customers via price reductions to keep us competitive in light of the heavy competition from cheaper and poorer quality imitations.

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