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Our Collection

animal carvings.jpg

Animal Cravings

Our collection includes rare & antique items which are sold in specialty or luxury stores.


Semi-Precious Gemstone Globes

Our most widely sold items worldwide, these globes are made by hand using a variety of gemstones while the map on the globe has a 99% accuracy.

Large Scupltures.jpg

Large Sculptures

Much sought after by garden and landscape designer, our large sculpture are craved 100% by hand using natural stone.



Made to reflect a timeless elegance, our fashionable watches are made using a gemstone dial on quartz movement. It comes with a metal case completed with a lizard straps. Each piece is unique following the nature of gemstones.



Bead are available in various size and shape and will be sold by weight. Please let us know if you have an item in mind.



From palm size  to desktop size, our accessories covers a wide variety of objects. 100% hand craved on all natural stones.

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